Take a good hard look at your home and see it through the eyes of potential buyers.

Buyers will pay more for a property that looks and feels fresh, clean, well maintained and ready to move in and enjoy.

  1. Focus on first impressions

Blog potted plants



             Potted colour creates inviting spaces – and you can take them with you to your new home





Kerb appeal – buyers must like what they see from the street before even setting foot in your home.

  • Clean front verandah
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Weed and cultivate the garden beds
  • Add a splash of colourful flowers to the garden
  • Remove rubbish
  • Clean, Repair and paint where necessary window frames, doors, gutters, steps, railings, pathways.

All of this could cost as little as a few hundred dollars and a few weekends of work, but could add thousands to your sale price.


  1. Clear out the clutter


Let’s face it, we all have a bit of mess somewhere at home. Buyers are fickle creatures and often baulk at the slightest sight of it in a prospective property. They don’t want to see your holiday photos, chewed dog toys, dirty dishes or clothes or bills on the fridge. So be ruthless and get rid of all everyday mess and personal items on display throughout your home, and don’t forget the cupboards and wardrobes (yes buyers always look in there!) so buyers don’t think there’s not enough storage in your home.


Make your home look like a display home – even take out several items of furniture and décor, storing them offsite. Create open, uncluttered living spaces that invite buyers to “move in” in their imagination, and clears the way for an easier sale.


  1. Clean and make repairs to your Kitchen and Bathrooms and make them shine

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Make areas such as the kitchen look like a display home





Repair leaking taps, replace missing grout and scrub all over.

Most prospective buyers will forgive an ageing bathroom or kitchen but no one will forgive a dirty one.

Put out some nice fluffy towels, scented soap, scented candles in the bathrooms.

Dress the kitchen benchtops with a few smart items such as a bright bowl of fruit.


  1. Be Neutral

blog image bed neutral tones



Crisp white bed linen and neutral tones





You want people talking about your fantastic home, not your bright orange feature wall. So if you have a vivid décor or unusual furniture it may be a good idea to swap them for something more neutral. Painting over that feature wall, putting away the china dog collection and putting on crisp white bed linen offers buyers a chance to see your home as a blank canvas where they could picture themselves living comfortably.

Remember, you’re selling your home, not your own stuff, so keep your décor simple to appeal to as many buyers as possible.


  1. Lighten Up


Natural light is a huge plus for your home so welcome it in wherever possible to make your home seem bright and spacious to buyers. Open clean blinds and curtains to clean windows. Switch on floor lamps and spot lamps.


  1. Get a new coat


As all the TV renovation experts tell us over and over again, paint is one of the simplest, fastest and cheapest ways to transform your home! If you’re handy do it yourself or call in the professionals. Keep colours in neutral tones as they have wider appeal.


This one thing could add thousands to your final sale price for a fairly minor investment.


  1. Smell success


Smoke, cooking and pet odours could have buyers soon walking out of open homes.

Make sure you thoroughly air out your home and clean all your soft furnishings to remove these lingering smells. Don’t forget to pick up after your pets, including vacuuming up all pet hair and taking your pets away with you when we are showing your property. You can also put out fresh coffee and flowers to make your place smell more inviting.


  1. Make the outdoors great


Australians see their outdoor space as another room of the home, so don’t neglect your garden if you want to grow your sale price. Fix fences, pressure clean paths and pavers, get rid of that old rusty clothesline and junk around the side of the house. Scrub decks and oil them and your outdoor furniture. Add some fresh plants, prune and weed.


It won’t cost you’re the earth to spruce things up, but it could be the difference to selling your property fast or watching it languish on the vine.


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